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Company Profile - Extron
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Extron Electronics is one of the largest and best-known manufacturers in the professional AV market. The company has a deep product line in many aspects of AV, and has established an exceptionally strong reputation as a one-stop shop for video and computer interfacing, switching, and signal distribution to professional displays and projectors.

In 2004, Extron entered the control systems market place and over time has expanded its control system offering to include control processors, button panels, touch panels, and several software solutions. This research note / company profile provides the following detailed information about Extron, with a particular focus on Extron’s involvement in the AV control system market:
  • Company Background
  • Overview of Control System Solutions
  • Certification and Support Offerings
  • WR's Analysis and Opinion
Whether you're an end-user interested in Extron's products and services, a competitor trying to gain competitive insight, or an industry expert seeking to stay "in the know," this WR Company Profile is a must have.

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