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Taking the Wraps off Videoconferencing in the U.S. Classroom: A State-by-State Analysis
Wainhouse Research - Alan D. Greenberg


Not many people realize that almost 25% of U.S. public schools have group videoconferencing systems, and that almost 1% of all classrooms have group systems – not counting PC-based technologies. Penetration varies widely state by state, and this white paper – sponsored by TANDBERG – ranks each state by total classrooms and by percentages of schools with videoconferencing. It discusses leaders and laggards, the impact of the Internet2's SEGP program, and funding sources, as well as past and future waves of adoption.


  • Executive Summary 1
  • Overview 2
  • Historical View 2
  • Methodology 3
  • How to Interpret this Data 4
  • State of the States 4
  • National Aggregate Data 4
  • State Rankings by Numbers of Classrooms 4
  • Degree of Adoption State by State as Percentage of Total Schools 6
  • Internet2 SEGP Correlation 9
  • Economic and Other Drivers 10
  • The Coming Third Wave for Videoconferencing in the Classroom 12
  • Conclusions 13
  • About the Author 14
  • About Wainhouse Research 14
  • About TANDBERG 14


  • Figure 1: U.S. Mapped by Numbers of Schools with Videoconferencing 6
  • Figure 2: States Mapped by Percentage Penetration of Classrooms 8
  • Figure 3: Evolution -- Wave 3 of Videoconferencing in K-12 12


  • Table 1: U.S. States Ranked by Numbers of Schools with Videoconferencing 5
  • Table 2: U.S. States Ranked by Percentage Penetration of Classrooms 7
  • Table 3: Percentage of Penetration in SEGP-connected schools 10

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